State of the art hospital design
An alliance of international and Indonesian architects, engineers and consultants
specialized in health care facilities, on a joint mission to improve the health of Indonesians
by bringing state of the art hospital design to Indonesia.
World class healthcare
Facilities that are accessible
to all is ever more important
The new Indonesian National Health Insurance System
- BPJS and JKN - and the needs and expectations that
come with it, will accelerate the requirement for more
capacity and higher quality, for both government and
private healthcare. Newly available medical equipment,
digital technology and ever evolving care practices
require innovative and smart hospitals, clinics, care
centres, laboratories and health campuses.
Passerelle University Hospital Gent, Belgium
Key alliance partners
Dutch Health Architects (DHA) is a Joint Venture of the two leading Dutch architectural firms specialized in healthcare
architecture: Gortemaker Algra Feenstra architects and EGM architects. Dutch healthcare is well known for its innovative
character. New concepts focusing on patient logistics and efficiency of the workflows and processes are combined with
aspects of Healing Environment and the Planetree philosophy. The joint venture firms employ about 200 people globally.
Dutch Health Architects B.V.:
Deerns is a multinational independent engineering consultancy firm based out of the Netherlands. It is specialised
in engineering design services for the technical infrastructure and installations of high-tech and high-care buildings like
hospitals, clinics, laboratories and health campuses. Dating back to the year 1928, Deerns has developed a trusted and
leading position in the Dutch healthcare market, and an extensive international track record of hospital projects. Deerns
employs about 500 people globally.
Deerns Groep B.V.:
TeamworX is a foreign investment engineering consultancy firm in Indonesia. TeamworX provides design, engineering,
contract management, quantity surveying, project and construction management services, offering total solutions from
initial idea to completion of construction. Since the year 2003 TeamworX developed an extensive track record of locally
delivered construction engineering projects for multinational and domestic companies. TeamworX employs about 150
people in Indonesia.
PT TeamworX Indonesia:
Emerald Hospital Design is an international and locally based
alliance that has the mission to provide design, engineering and
consulting services that help healthcare providers give great
care and to assist them in confidently facing new challenges,
changes and future developments.
Our vision
Our vision for
Emerald Hospital Design
To bring patients and their loved one’s comfort and
gives them trust in the care they receive, ultimately
leading to speedy recovery and good health
To enable doctors, medical care takers and facility
workers to execute vital care effectively and
efficiently and to enjoy a great place to work
To provide operators, owners and investors with
assets that are reliable, sustainable, flexible, future
ready and valuable
Hospital Mother, Child and Heredity, University Hospital Leuven, Belgium
Our services
Emerald Hospital Design provides an integral approach
to a wide variety of services. From total engineering to
MEP Design Services
specific consultancy services.
Mechanical Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Medical Equipment Planning
Technical Program of Requirements
Building physics
Fire safety
Architecture &
Light design
Structural Design
Master planning
Thermic comfort
Healing Environment
Sustainable design
Evidence based design
Structural design
Smart Building
Smart Building consultancy
Digital Due Diligence
Roadmap Sustainable Hospitals
Construction management
Tender Management
Construction management
Safety Supervision
Hospital planning
Contract Management
Functional program of requirements
Quantity Surveying
Spatial program of requirements
Testing & Commissioning
Feasibility studies
Contact us
We are keen to hear from you, so please do not hesitate
to reach out to us. We will be glad to have a call or to visit
+62 21 780 0940
you to talk about how Emerald Hospital Design can be of
Beltway Office Park Building C
value to you and help you realize your plans.
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